Newsletter 32 - Best Travel Books for the Road


Best Travel Books For the Road

Whether you find yourself killing time during a long layover or relaxing in the hammock on a lazy afternoon, a good travel book is the best of companions while on the road. This month, we highlight our favorite travel reads with destination-specific book lists to inspire & inform during your upcoming ventures.

Plus, to rev up your travel inspiration for anywhere in the world check out this list of great travel books that will undoubtedly ignite the wanderlust in anyone. To find all our book lists with even more destinations than what's covered below, click below.

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Many visitors don’t realize is that Croatia is steeped in ancient history, from its early kingdom status, to rule by the Venetians, Ottomans and Hapsburgs, to its recent transition from Yugoslavia to the independent republic that it is today. Check out these 5 books we recommend.


Learning about Ireland's history as well as its fanciful lore and quick wit are all a part of understanding the Irish character. All together it makes for an incredible culture and plenty of reasons to add Ireland to your traveling bucket list! Check out our favorite reads from known Irish authors or based in Ireland to give you an in-depth view on the culture and history of this little island with a big heart.


Home to the ancient empire of the Incas, Peru also boasts swaths of Amazon rainforest, the highest sand dune in the world, and nearly 100 microclimates. The intertwining history of the Old World and the New have shaped both cultures into what they are today, and these books give a glimpse into both the past and present of the epicenter of South America.


For a country like India, it’s impossible to truly grasp the diversity and complexity in one story much less settle on an all-encompassing must-read list. With that in mind, we selected three of our absolute favorites that highlight some of India’s most fascinating mythological past and captivating and very real present.   

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