12 Gifts for Travelers

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to think of gifts for those people special to us in life. In 2016, the average holiday shopper was spending $1175 and parents averaged more than $1700. Many of us in the traveler world, however, are less keen on expensive “things” and would rather receive functional items, or better yet the gift of an experience! Here are 12 of the best gifts for travelers to consider this season:

grayl and hydro.jpg

1. Reusable Water Bottle / Filter

Low-impact, single-use plastic free is the way of travel now and the future. Check out this list of water bottles or better yet, go a step further and consider the Grayl water bottle which safely filters tap or stream water. 

2. Great Travel Reads

There’s nothing like a good book to fuel travels! Check out this list of inspiring travel reads or go country-specific for Morocco, Vietnam or Peru.

3. Language Learning

Consider an online language class or even a language + travel experience!

4. Digital Must-Haves

In the world of mobile phones and tablets, a good world outlet adapter and battery pack is a must. Here’s a best-of list to choose from.


5. Healing self-care

Gift a massage, either post-travel or cash for one on the road during their next trip. Travel is good for the soul but can be tough on the body!

6. For the Writers

A beautiful, physical journal to write down those travel memories. 

7. Sleep needs

Make a sleep kit with a mask, earplugs, travel pillow, & aromatherapy care like Essential Qi’s Blend with lavindin, benzoin, & black spruce.

8. Natural care

Make a Natural Remedies kit with herbs & supplements to support immunity & digestion. Check these best natural travel remedies.

9. Ancestry Research kit

More and more people enjoy traveling to the places in their family tree. Consider a 23andMe or Ancestry.com kit and then plan a heritage trip!

10. Responsible Travelers

Purchase a carbon offset for someone, or plant a tree!

11. Inspiration all year round

Sign them up for a real, physical travel magazine such as UnEarth Women or Conscious Connection.

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12. Gift a Trip

For the ultimate gift, forgo the typical spending and splurge on an actual trip for or with someone. Or, commit to saving a doable sum each month in 2019 for next year's holiday. Even $100 per month throughout the year can go a long way towards an incredible trip!

Happy holidays and happy gifting!