We offer two unique trips in stunning New Zealand.

The choice is yours!

A New ZEaland Fantasy

A 10-day exploration of nature and culture in New Zealand’s North & South Islands

Dec 2-11, 2019

Nov 19-28, 2020

Explore this small country that's jam-packed with mind-bogglingly diverse landscapes; a place where you can visit rugged fjords, towering mountain ranges and subtropical forests, explore volcanic plateaus featuring geysers and boiling mud pools, perhaps catch a glimpse of the southern lights at an International Dark Sky Reserve and marvel at surreal blue alpine lakes.

Learn about the traditional Maori worldview as honored guests of a Marae where you'll experience their customs and protocol, as well as enjoying a traditional Hangi cooked meal. Meet unique wildlife from the flightless Kiwi bird to a variety of amazing marine life such as the little blue penguin, fur seals, albatross and inquisitive dolphins. With its incredibly beautiful landscapes, unique flora and fauna, rich culture and activities to suit every traveler – this 10 day New Zealand adventure will leave you with breathtaking tales to tell for years to come.

New Zealand Hiking

A 10-day journey bringing you deep into the stunning landscapes of New Zealand’s South Island

Nov 18-27, 2019

Nov 30 - Dec 9, 2020

Calling outdoor enthusiasts! This is a bucket list adventure into New Zealand's unparalleled scenery. An itinerary that offers four overnight hikes amidst everything from towering mountain ranges to subtropical forests, turquoise seas fringed by white sand beaches to ancient glaciers. New Zealand's South Island is an outdoor playground like no other. Enjoy unique wildlife like fur seals and the world's only alpine parrot, the kea. Take a refreshing dip in the Tasman sea, lounge in idyllic natural pools, kayak the open sea, and cycle along surreal blue lakes - you can do it all!

This is a truly engaging group trip with guests actively participating in meals cooked over a campfire, bonding together in pursuits like collecting firewood and keeping the flames burning brightly into the evening. For an outdoor adventure amidst some of the world's most stunning outdoor arenas -- look no further.