“Yowzers! That was the jungle! For real!

I travel a lot (over 60 countries), including spending three months in southern Africa doing almost 30 safaris – this trip totally blew me away. If you are not timid or fearful, you MUST go on this adventure with Traverse Journeys!

Everything seemed to run like clockwork, which was unexpected since we were in the wilderness. I felt no worries and assumed I was in good hands. Thank you Ashley and Traverse Journeys!”

— Sheryl

“The cabins were lovely and the staff members were so accommodating. The food was always delicious and I felt like a VIP the entire stay.

José was a phenomenal guide! He was so friendly and knowledgeable. He made my trip so wonderful.

Thank you so much for having me! It was a dream come true in every way.”

— Danielle

“We had an awesome trip, everything went flawlessly, thank you for all the great planning! The experience at the Suni Warmi Village was incredible, one of the coolest things I have gotten to do in my multitudes of travels. It totally blew me away!

It was awesome how wonderfully and completely everything was taken care of, from our pickup from our hotel in Quito the B&B, to arriving at the airport for our Coca flight to be greeted at 5 a.m. by a representative, to the arrival in Coca where Jose was waiting with a smile. Everything was flawless and executed so well, we didn’t have to think or worry about anything! The food was amazing all around, especially at the lodge. Everything was delicious and flavorful, we were blown away by the quality of everything! The fresh juice was my favorite, too.

Jose and Rodrigo at the lodge were amazing, I was really impressed with both of them. Our guides worked very hard to find animals and did an excellent job pointing things out. I mentioned I wanted to see a sloth and they made it happen, no questions asked and took us off the beaten path to see one. It was incredible how much they were able to spot.”

— Stephanie

italy 2017 group church.jpg


"The trip truly was a trip of a lifetime. Guilia the guide was amazing, flexible, knowledgeable and informed. Her knowledge of Italy made transportation a relaxing event. Because she was from Parma, she knew all the places to go and sites to see, every stop was breath-taking. The choices of hotels were great; places I would not have chosen but turned out to be in great locations, good breakfasts, nice people, hot water, nice bathrooms and comfy beds. I would highly recommend the trip and would love to do it again!"


"When I stumbled upon this small group trip where all the details were taken care of, I made a quick decision to take my chances and go for it. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Traveling to Italy has always been on my bucket list but I never thought I could manage it on my own.

The trip was magical from start to finish. If you've ever want to see Italy in a small group situation, I recommend this trip whole heartedly. We were fortunate enough to not only have Laura but also a second Italian-native guide, Guilia, who knew the out-of-the-way places that you would probably never find. They are both extremely fun and knowledgeable--helping us read menus, teaching us the language, picking out great accommodations, and choosing the most beautiful and historic parts of Italy.

I was fortunate enough to take my granddaughter on this trip with me and the memories we made will always be so special to me. If you decide to take one of these trips, I am sure it will exceed all your expectations!"


"We didn’t have a large group, which allowed us to get to know each other well. (We’re friends for life now!) And Laura’s leadership was masterful. You simply cannot overstate the value of experience when it comes to traveling overseas. Laura’s decades of international travel and living in so many different countries make her the perfect guide. Her instincts and resourcefulness are right on point, she's fearless and she’s always ready for spontaneous fun! What truly showed, however, was her attention to detail for the months prior to our trip and also during. She quietly took care of everything.

Our wonderful Italian guide—the lovely Giulia—was the perfect addition to this trip. Having grown up in Italy, she guided us to lesser-known places that had a special magic and authenticity. The two of them worked together seamlessly and made sure problems were handled before they even happened! It was simply amazing. We all were in the best of hands."


gigi jenny jeep.JPG


"I took my first "solo journey" to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua and I am so thankful to have found & traveled through Traverse Journeys, who made the experience great! 

From the moment I sent in my interest form, Ashley was prompt in answering all my questions and provided me with detailed information about our travel. In San Juan Del Sur, we enjoyed amazing meals prepared by a local resident chef, practiced yoga twice daily with the talented Gigi Mao, took surf lessons from a local surf shop, took an excursion to see baby sea turtles, and had a wonderful afternoon volunteering with Barrio Planta Project - an after school program for kids. Ashley thoughtfully planned every detail but also offered flexibility throughout the itinerary. Every aspect of this trip exceeded my expectations.

The experience of traveling with a group of people I had never met gave me the opportunity for self reflection and inquiry, while also connecting me with like-minded individuals whom I hope to keep in touch with for years to come! I look forward to another travel opportunity with Traverse Journeys!!"


“I had an incredible time on the Traverse Journeys Yoga + Surf trip in Nicaragua! I had never been on a retreat before, but now I understand completely why people are so drawn to them. Being with like-minded people who love to travel, immersing yourself in a cultural experience, and learning and exploring was awesome. Being so busy in my everyday life, I don't have a lot of time to plan my trips, and it was wonderful to have Ashley do the planning. She is so highly organized and thorough and you can tell she truly loves what she does. I can say with complete confidence that you will never find a better, more invested travel curator and guide than Ashley.”

— Jennifer

“I loved it! It was the cultural and out-on-the-town experience I was looking for. It was fun to eat together, be by the beach, and also have fun dancing together. I really enjoyed it a lot!”

— Jenny

ireland 2017 group w:damian.jpg


"Laura was extremely knowledgeable about the areas we visited. She was friendly, helpful, organized and enthusiastic about the entire trip which made me feel at ease. Our accommodations were all top notch and the service everywhere we went could not have been better. LOVED the meals -- I never had an empty stomach and the portions were all huge. 

We covered so much ground and saw so many majestic sites in the time that we were there. Each destination was unique and breathtaking. I would do it all over again. Gleninchaquin was over the top amazing.

Overall, this experience exceeded my expectations. Laura and Damian were the BEST. Their level of guidance and attention were superb. The only thing I would have changed is booking this trip much sooner. Thank you, Traverse Journeys!"


"Traveling with Laura through Ireland was an amazing experience. I felt like I was seeing everything through a local's perspective. The best part is the small size of the group....everything is more personal and there's much more attention-to-detail. I would definitely travel with Laura again!"


"Traveling the west of the Ireland with Laura was a great experience. There was not a single moment of lost time or superfluous destinations. She knew the places like the palm of her hand. I did not feel like a tourist. Everything was smooth. The trip was well rounded. I recommend Laura if anyone interested to explore the west of the Ireland."


"Laura did a great job organizing every detail and things went very smoothly. Enjoyed the trip immensely and plan to schedule future travel with Traverse Journeys. I loved the remote secret waterfall that one might miss with a larger tour group. The food was fabulous, very flavorful. The itinerary was great and I enjoyed the flexibility Laura gave us that worked with our group well."


february 2018 retreat copy.jpg

Costa Rica REtreat

"What an amazing retreat! Highly recommended to any lady -- age, skill level, or experience doesn't matter -- these girls build your confidence and help with your fears from the very beginning all the way through till the end. Amazing fresh food, peaceful accommodations, sunsets, monkeys, yoga, massages, crafts, adventures, sharing your life with others, laughs, smiles, new friends, accomplishment, motivation, ocean, sun, and addiction to surfing!
- Valerie

"I could not have imagined better people to introduce me to surfing or spend 5 days on the water with. Their thoughtful little touches - shell necklaces, local cocoa sunblock, special morning coffee, sunset drinks, the beautifully edited video of our surfing highlights - made the retreat very special. Thank you, ladies, for giving us this amazing experience! I can’t wait to be back."

- Sasha

"I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy surfing, yoga, great food and wonderful company. It was an amazing week for me!"
- Steffani

"These girls are the best! Thanks for an incredible week and for the fun surf adventures. Can't wait to come back!"
- Beth

traverse hiking.jpg

More Praise...


"The best compliment I can think of for Laura's trips are that she can take you around the world and you won't ever feel like a tourist. She's been there, she's done it, and it's the trip of a lifetime. Traveling with Laura was an unbelievable experience.

The value is that everything is done for you. You get yourself there and that's it. I had always wanted to travel, but to be honest I had no interest in spending the hours upon hours it would have taken to organize everything, learn how to maximize my time/money investment, and drag myself on some trip. Time is our most valuable resource, and there's no practical way to develop the know-how that Laura has acquired."


"As a busy professional in a demanding job, my vacation time is precious and rare. Thankfully, the time I spent in Ireland with Laura was magical from the first to the last moment. Her experience and connections brought me to little known destinations and made me feel like I knew all the local spots. From listening to traditional Irish music while sipping Guinness to stopping at a castle for lunch - there was always something to do. I fully recommend her trips, so that you can focus on the joy of traveling and not the logistics of planning."


"The trip to Guatemala that Laura organized for my husband and I is a wonderful memory. She guided us every step of the way, and everything went smoothly and seamlessly. The whole trip was planned so well. Every step of the way we knew we were being taken care of and didn't have to worry. I also appreciated that we had down time to just kick-back and soak in the sun, the views, the whole of it. I can not thank Laura enough for the lifetime experience she provided."


"Last year, I had the pleasure of being shown Costa Rica by a knowledgeable, resourceful and fun guide: Laura! She made the whole trip run smoothly and filled each day with exciting activities that I'll never forget. Thanks to Laura's local connections, not only did she know little details like where to spot a gaggle of howler monkeys, but she also competently took care of logistics such as picking me up from the airport and booking accommodation. I am 100% certain that my trip to Costa Rica was a success thanks to Laura's help and companionship. Thanks Laura!!"


"My very first trip abroad, I was lucky enough to land into Laura's capable hands. After de-boarding at Shannon Airport in Ireland, I was whisked away with a full itinerary of activities and sights for my two week trip planned and arranged for me. Thankfully, this also included plenty of downtime, simply soaking in the people, & culture, pubs & music (and of course - Guinness!), that make up Ireland's one-of-a-kind character.

My inexperience as a traveler was no problem at all. Laura's breadth of experience guided me through every step, from obtaining my passport to boarding a ferry setting out for remote islands off of Ireland's west coast. I did so many things that I never would have done on my own, and went so many places that I never would have known about without her insider knowledge."


"As a young student, fresh out of high school, I didn't know much about the world outside of my own town. I certainly didn't know have the first clue how to accomplish the idea of going halfway around the globe to New Zealand for an extended period of time!

Now, it's a decade later, and the time that I spent in New Zealand with Laura continues to bring me incredibly fulfilling memories of the best times of my life. Whether it was the adrenaline pumping experience of bungee jumping from the third highest bungee in the world, a perfect day of horseback riding through landscapes even more beautiful than the LOTR trilogy would have you believe, or simply a fun day of exploring the best pubs and activities in Queenstown, I left New Zealand with an overflowing treasure chest of experiences that I will never forget. And through it all, my only task was simply to 'show up'.The rest was taken care of."


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