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If your ideal trip entails choosing your own dates, traveling with only your friends/family or partner, and tweaking or fully customizing an itinerary to suit your specific travel interests…


We’ve created custom trips in destinations like Ireland, Peru, Costa Rica, Thailand, Morocco and more. With our vast network of on-the-ground connections, industry resources, and years of experience designing immersive itineraries of all varieties, we can plan your perfect trip.

‘Ready-to-go’ Custom Trips

The easiest path to creating your own trip is to simply choose your own dates for any of the following itineraries - each one is available for private groups on request!

Your dream journey begins with a free travel consultation.

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Reviews from previous guests on custom trips…

Traverse Journeys made our recent trip to Ireland AMAZING!! From the moment we reached out to plan our trip to the moment we flew home every question was answered immediately, recommendations were made to fit our idea of a perfect trip, every detail was thought of and taken care of. Their intimate knowledge of all things Ireland took you places you never would find on your own. They went above and beyond to make every moment of our trip truly special.

The use of local B&Bs and local restaurants made you feel at home in this beautiful country and gave you the opportunity to meet so many amazing people.

Highly recommend Traverse Journeys and can’t thank them enough for a trip of a lifetime!
The value is that everything is done for you. You get yourself there and that’s it. I had always wanted to travel, but to be honest I had no interest in spending the hours upon hours it would have taken to organize everything, learn how to maximize my time/money investment, and drag myself on some trip. Time is our most valuable resource, and there’s no practical way to develop the know-how Traverse Journeys has acquired.
Traverse Journeys helped make our trip a fabulous and enriching experience every step of the way. Pre-trip recommendations regarding useful gear, well-planned stays and activity options, and a wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable guide all fit together for a wonderful trip. I highly recommend this company.
A recent trip to Peru and Machu Picchu was one of the highlights of my life. I have traveled a lot throughout the US and the world, and this trip was special. The hotels were excellent and the recommended traditional Pachamanca dinner was outstanding. Our guide was knowledgeable and very pleasant. Overall the trip was excellent and an unforgettable experience.

Traverse is led by experienced travelers who know the countries where they schedule trips very well on the ground. I especially like and appreciate that they connect with local partners who are doing good works in their countries.

I highly recommend the Peru/Machu Picchu trip and any of the other destinations hosted by Traverse.