How Croatia is Saving Our Oceans

We've partnered with Green Sail Croatia in Split, who is setting the standards for sustainable tourism by promoting recycling and educational programs along coastal communities, seas and oceans. We chatted with Green Sail Ambassador Ornela Krezic about how Croatia is doing its part, and here's what she had to say.

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What is Croatia like? What do you like most about living there? For someone who hasn’t been there, what is super special about it?

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 Croatia is an incredibly beautiful country, diverse in natural landscapes, rich in ground-breaking architecture and filled with many local food cooking styles. 

Every Croat will say that the country’s natural beauty is unrivalled due to its water and white pebble beaches in between 70 islands, 525 islets and 642 rocks and reefs.

The best thing about living here is enjoying the combination of Mediterranean and continental lifestyles, a broad variety of fresh and healthy food available, the most pristine areas for a slow pace of life, time to think and of course enjoy life to the fullest by not taking things too seriously :)  

If there’s one thing you’d like to world to know about ocean conservation as it relates to Croatia and tourism, what would it be?

We believe that the best things start to happen when people are personally accountable and responsible for their actions. If more people made an effort to travel sustainably, it could have a huge impact on our sea environment!

Tourism in Croatia is hitting record numbers and more and more tourist services/products follow demands of foreign visitors. This means that travellers can help local communities by looking for sustainable solutions for their holidays.


What is the biggest lesson that working with visitors to Croatia has taught you?

 I’ve learned that it is important to have intercultural sensitivity if working within tourism sector and always try to improve the processes of intercultural adaptation of tourists as well as try to minimize the impacts of cultural shocks for both travellers and locals. We all live by some cultural norms which guide us within social groups but we should always be aware of potential differences and see them as an opportunity to learn and personally grow.

By being surrounded by 2000 old history and culture remains here in Split every day motivate you for special appreciation of cultural differences. 

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 Photo Credits: Green Sail