We offer two fantastic trips in Costa Rica. 

Choose the option that suits you best!

Costa Rica Immersion

Immerse yourself in jaw-dropping natural beauty, while gaining an in-depth understanding of the culture and people that make up this paradise on earth. A perfect trip for families to join! 

We are proud to partner with the Costa Rican Humanitarian Foundation to bring you an opportunity to truly engage with local communities on your trip. For the first few days, you'll stay with local families, learn about and contribute to CRHF’s current projects, while also enjoying afternoon excursions in the Central Valley. Following that, you'll relax on the shores of an idyllic beach and enjoy fantastic activities to help you soak it all in.

Travel with purpose to Costa Rica, AND still experience stunning places with loads of fun activities on offer. What more could you ask for?!?

Womens Surf & Yoga retreat

Whether you wish to learn to surf, deepen your yoga practice or simply explore a new place and meet new friends on a fun adventure, this retreat is the answer. We've partnered with Sister Surf & Yoga Retreat to bring you a wonderfully planned vacation, ideal for any woman looking for a 'ready-to-go', adventure-filled experience. No previous surfing or yoga experience necessary! 

Together, the three women (who are also sisters) leading your experience will bring their expertise, passion and energy to inspire you with their love of surfing and yoga... and their true zest for life. It's an invigorating experience that will leave you happy, grateful and charged up!