6 New Years Resolutions for Travelers

It’s a new year (again!) and time for those resolutions. Aside from the normal diet, exercise and financial goals, set an intention for this year’s travels and see where it takes you!

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Travel reading is like an academic paper: State what you’re going to do, do it, then recap it again. Before your trip, find some travel writing on your destination beyond guidebooks that will take you into the culture, history and people. While you’re traveling, pick up something inspirational like this list of books. And after you get home, keep your experience alive with another book – fiction, perhaps - that takes place where you were. You’ll be able to see, hear, smell and imagine all of the descriptions as if you were there – because you were!

Art & color in Morocco.

Art & color in Morocco.

Go Somewhere New

There’s nothing like newness to inspire us, be it a new city, country or continent. Do you usually visit the beach? Try the mountains. Are you normally on a food & museum hunt? Perhaps challenge yourself with something in nature. Whatever you do, it doesn’t have to be far away or grandiose. A new city in a country you’ve visited, or even a new neighborhood in a town you already love will bring you fresh perspective!

Unplug from the Web

In our constantly connected age, it can be stressful to be away from e-mail, text, phone, or social media for even a few hours. #addiction! Unplugging – especially in nature – is incredibly soothing and freeing for the mind and lets your body really soak in the moment. We love the unplug aspect of hiking the Inca trail or camping in the Sahara desert. No 4G there!

Camping along the Inca trail.

Camping along the Inca trail.

Connect with Others

Many travelers will say that one of their favorite aspects of travel is meeting people. Whether over breakfast at your B&B or a chance encounter at the pub that had you talking for hours, there’s nothing like the euphoric sense of connection with other likeminded people. For your travels this year, make it a point to make eye contact, say hi, or even start a conversation. 

Inspire Your Friends

No doubt you have friends that enjoy hearing your travel stories or following your Instagram feed. Invite them with! You never know who might just be on the brink of travel – all they may need is just the right tips to make them comfortable to get out and do it. Or better yet, a travel buddy for your next adventure! 

Making new friends in Italy.

Making new friends in Italy.

Pick Up New Language Skills

Learning a new language can be daunting, for sure, but the value to knowing a key few words when traveling abroad can be the difference between a genuine smile and an annoyed dismissal. Try a language app, take online classes, or get super serious about it and sign up for a class at your local community college. What language to learn? That of course depends on where you’re going! But if you need a challenge, here are a couple of convincing articles: 3 Reasons to Learn Arabic and Why You Should Learn Chinese